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How to be the Best Lakeland Cheerleader you can be: Part I

A coaches’ view

Over the years, I have had the privilege of coaching hundreds of athletes in the sport of cheerleading. From my observations, there are two types of athletes. The first is the “natural.” This athlete has the natural God-given ability to advance in tumbling, jumps, stunts, etc without having to put in a significant amount of extra hours in the gym. The second type is the more traditional athlete in which most fall under. This athlete works hard every time, and progresses as long as they keep their eye on their goals. If they are passionate about the sport, they will accomplish what they dream of doing.

Below, I have a few points that help athletes become the best, and in our case, Lakeland cheerleader they can be, whether they are a “natural” or a more traditional athlete. This comes from a coaching perspective.

BE A GYM RAT – the athletes that are constantly in the gym taking tumbling classes, going to open gym, coach, or just simply come early and stay late tend to be the best athletes within a program. Coaches love seeing athletes at the gym all the time. It shows their dedication and willingness to work hard for what they want.

STRETCH – I tell my athletes on numerous occasions to constantly stretch and not just at practice. The more limber you are, the less risk for injury, plus stretching is great for the body and muscle development.

LIVE THE LIFESTYLE – if an athlete isn’t passionate about Lakeland cheerleading, there is no reason to participate. Seem blunt? The reason being is that participating in Lakeland cheerleading takes up a significant amount of time between practices, extra time in the gym, competitions, etc. If they are not 100% into the sport, they will become burned out and miserable. My biggest pet peeve is seeing athletes who have the potential to be great, but do the minimal to pass by. These are the athletes that do it for the social status of being a “cheerleader”. I much rather have a group of athletes who genuinely love the sport rather than having athletes who have the talent, but could care less about how the team does.

Next week, I will be discussing an athletes’ point of view of how to become the best Lakeland, FL cheerleader you can be. I will be interviewing a few different cheerleaders, both new and who have competed at the highest level.

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