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How To Carve A Budget For Jacksonville Cheerleading

Do you think that joining a Jacksonville cheerleading is just that simple? It’s not just about getting into the program or passing the tryouts. The money involved in being a cheerleader is simply no joke.

Not all schools are financially equipped to shoulder the expenses of their cheer teams. Most schools are focused on other sports such as football, basketball, and track and field.

Cheerleading is not a particular priority for many high schools, unfortunately. That’s why most parents shoulder the cost of the cheerleading gear—the headdress, the shoes, the uniforms, and even the travel expenses.

Here’s how to prepare and set aside a budget for your cheerleader:

Buy her sturdy and durable shoes

The most important gear for a cheerleader aside from her uniform is her cheer shoes. Don’t scrimp too much and buy her a cheap pair. Instead, find a durable and sturdy pair of cheer shoes that will last her for a long time.

In the end, your investment in a slightly more expensive pair of shoes will let you save more cash. The same can be said for her accessories and other cheer needs. If you can, try to invest in high-quality materials that will last her for a long time.

Set aside a few hundred bucks each month for her cheer needs

There are months when you don’t need to spend too much on her cheer needs. But then, there will be months where she has to travel with the squad to compete or to perform on the sidelines of a regional game and you’ll have to shell out a bit more cash than usual.

To offset the effects and the impact of these times, set aside a couple of hundreds of dollars for her to save each month. She will use this money only for cheer emergency cases such as having to travel to another state to perform.

Pay for a travel insurance when she’s competing outside the state

Speaking of traveling, pay for a travel insurance when she’s traveling so she will be protected in case her flight gets delayed or canceled because of unforeseen circumstances.

This will also protect you because traveling without a travel insurance is tantamount to paying for another round of airline tickets if she misses her flight.

Encourage her to work on the sides for some extra cash

If your cheerleader is really serious about succeeding in the team and reaching her potentials, she needs to carve some time out to earn extra cash (unless she’s a trust-fund baby with lots of cash lying around).

This will teach her all about dedication, sacrifice, and time management. Don’t worry, she’ll probably be good at everything she does (since nothing’s as hard as being a cheerleader).

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