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How To Choose The Right Jacksonville Cheerleading Uniforms

Jacksonville cheerleading

Where do you start when choosing Jacksonville cheerleading uniforms? This is the first thing you will notice about a cheerleader—the pattern, the material, the style of her uniform. It will tell a lot about the team and its personality. The best thing about having uniforms for cheerleaders is that the possibilities are endless. You can have as many ensembles as you want and often than not, cheerleaders mix-and-match their uniforms.

But as a coach, where do you start? What are the things you must consider when buying or designing a uniform? Here are some things you need to look out for:


There are different materials for every uniform. You can have uniforms made out of “performance” material, which means these can be more versatile and flexible for a lot of complicated routines. There’s also the double knit uniforms, which are the ones we most likely see on television and movies. These are usually worn by cheerleaders when there’s no actual competition or performance. They even go to classes wearing this type of material.


Do you want your cheerleaders to wear tight-fitting pants? Or really short shorts? Or the conventional mini skirt? Most cheerleading teams would opt for the skirts because the dancers can move freely in it and it’s the traditional ensemble of cheerleaders. The length of the skirt will depend greatly on what the cheerleaders do in their routines. If they move and tumble a lot, you can take this into consideration as well.


There are many great details you can add on the cheerleaders’ uniforms. You can add embroidery, tackle twill, or even sublimation. Customizing uniforms have never been easier now when there are simply too many options that can make your uniforms look better.


Do you really want to personalize each uniform? The answer should be no. Cheerleaders wear their uniform for, well, uniformity. They have to look the same, so their routines will look better when the audience watch it from the stand. Personalization of uniforms can be done inside the clothing itself, but it should never be visible to everyone.

Mixing and matching

As mentioned above, you can have as many Jacksonville cheerleading outfits as you want. It is always better to think about mixing and matching these uniforms before you have them made. As a coach, you have to have that vision that will tell you if you can have as many matches as you want with the other uniforms already present.

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