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How To Develop Relationships With Jacksonville Cheerleading Parents

When you’re managing and leading a Jacksonville cheerleading squad, it is incumbent upon you to develop good relationships with the cheer parents. Without this relationship, you will find it hard to accomplish your goals or even to connect with your cheerleaders.

This relationship will be tested along the way because some parents are naturally over-protective to the interests of their children while some are more than likely to slack off when it comes to co-managing the team.

However, as the head coach of the squad, it is your responsibility to connect all these pieces together and make them work. What can you do to develop good relationships with the parents?

Hold a regular meeting

A regular meeting with the parents will help them understand better how the team works and what you need from them. During your meetings, you can discuss everything about the team—the camaraderie of the squad, internal conflicts, finances, class schedules, school grades, mental health issues, competitions, etc.

You can then ask for the parents’ help with regards to making sure that their daughters understand their obligations to their academic studies and to the cheer team.

Be friends with them outside the cheer squad

You can be friends with the parents outside the confines of the gym hall. During Christmas or Thanksgiving, try to hold a special dinner with the parents so you can get to know them and their families outside the usual cheer talk. It is always better to be friends with the parents because you can then ask for their help in terms of managing the squad and making sure that the girls are all following the right course.

Bond with them in non-cheer-related activities

What are the other non-cheer-related activities you can do in Florida? Maybe you can even have a field trip of some sorts with the parents and the cheerleaders? That would be a good bonding activity to boost the camaraderie of the team and to make them work better together.

Be open to them about all the issues in the team

Every team has issues. That cannot be denied nor can it be avoided. There will come a time when the cheer parents would question your decisions regarding the team. You can avoid the arguments by always being open to them about the problems that the squad face or any upcoming big decisions you have to make. Don’t let them influence your decisions but take into considerations their many suggestions and comments.

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