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How To Dress For Cheerleading Tryouts

Jacksonville cheerleading

So, today is the big day. You are officially trying out for Jacksonville cheerleading team. Are you nervous? How are you prepping up for it? Remember that first impressions almost always last. This means you only got a fraction of a second to make a lasting impression on the cheerleading coach. Make sure he/she won’t forget about you or your performance.

Here’s how to prepare and dress up for a cheerleading tryout:

Have a hot shower

Wake yourself up in the morning with a good hot shower. This will relax your muscles and make you more flexible and limber later on. As long as you feel relaxed, that’s what matters in cheerleading. Be sure that you are squeaky clean because there is a good chance you will be paired with another person trying out for the team.

Take care of your hair

If you have short hair, put a rubber headband on it so it will be kept in place. Make sure that the headband is fitted well on your head because otherwise, it will come undone when you perform your routines. A headband with a ribbon design would make for the perfect accessory. If your hair is long, pull it back into a ponytail and then put bobby pins on the few strands left out. You can use a hairspray to tuck all the strands away, but remember not to use too much because your hair may have that “crunchy” look.

Wear school colors

Jacksonville cheerleading is all about school spirit. It will help the coach see that you are dedicated and passionate about your school when he/she sees you wearing the school colors. Besides, the coach should have a feel of how you would look like in their cheerleading uniforms.

Bring cheer shoes

Your cheer shoes should be colored white (as well as your socks). We don’t recommend wearing the shoes on your way to school because it may get dirt on them and you never know if the coach wants you to do some flying routines (which will mean base cheerleaders will have to carry you on their shoulders). If you don’t have the standard cheer shoes, make sure that what you’re going to wear has a flat sole and is not too bulky.

Don’t wear makeup

Actually, just a simple powder, light blush and gloss will do. Don’t put on heavy makeup because you will sweat it off anyway, and chances are the mascara and eyeliner will run. Be as natural as possible when trying out for Jacksonville cheerleading.

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