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How to Get Along With Your Jacksonville Cheerleading Squad Mates

Everybody knows that they key to a perfect Jacksonville cheerleading routine is teamwork. The bases need the flyers to throw up in the air, and the flyers need the bases to catch them at the end of their stunts. In order to achieve this level of harmony in your team’s stunts, it’s necessary that you and your team members spend as much time together in order to achieve that level of seamless communication and chemistry.

However, when you spend a lot of time with the same people, there is always a tendency for tempers to rise, and tensions to form. Cheerleading is a highly competitive sport, and sometimes that competitiveness extends beyond the competitions and into practices.

A fair amount of competitiveness is okay, but overall, you should get along well with your teammates. After all, you’re in this whole thing as a team, and you should work together with your team. Here are some ways to help you get along well with your cheer squad mates.

Communication will always be the most important factor in any relationship

Like any good relationship, communication will always be one of the most important aspects that will help you maintain a good sense of camaraderie with your team. There will definitely be times when you won’t agree with each other, whether it’s over a particular stunt, or move.

If you feel like something doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to voice your concerns to the rest of the team, and always allow everybody to speak their own opinions. An open and honest communication is the best way to make sure that conflicts in the team are resolved peacefully. It’s also important to maintain respect when conveying your thoughts, even in the middle of a conflict.

Maintain a positive attitude towards your team

There may be times when your stunts don’t hit, and that the rhythm of the entire routine just feels off. And that’s alright. There are going to be days when nothing feels right, and those days are the ones where the team needs each other more than ever.

Even if nothing feels right during practice, always maintain a positive attitude towards the whole thing. Positivity is always great for team morale. On the other hand, always keep negativity at a minimum, as this may lead to resentment among your team.

Don’t take every opportunity to pick a fight, understand when is the best time to walk away

As mentioned before, there will be times that conflicts will arise, and the outcome will always depend on how well you and your team handles it. There are times when you need to say your piece, but make sure that you take heed of the words you say.

Remember, you and your team are trying to figure out a solution to the problem, not fight each other. However, there will be times where you need to recognize that a fight isn’t worth it, and learn to walk away. Give yourself a break from the situation, and come back and talk things over calmly when you’ve had enough time to blow off steam.

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