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How to get better Jumps

If you’re on a cheerleading team, you understand the importance of having high and technically correct jumps. Even if you aren’t a tumbler on your cheer team, you still know the importance on having amazing jumps.

Stretch! Not only is this a requirement to have more flexibility in your jumps, but regular, everyday stretching increases strength and makes your jumps more powerful! Create a daily stretching routine and stick to it.

Jump! This may sound like a silly suggestion, but muscle memory is the best way to work towards your fitness goal. This is the literal meaning behind the “practice makes perfect” saying. You’re not only practicing repetitive movements for technique, but you’re also working every muscle it takes to perform your jumps. There is no better way to improve your jumps than to practice them every day!

Strengthen your core! When you perform cheerleading jumps, you should not be lowering your upper body to your toes. The proper way to execute a jump is by using your abs to pull your legs up. If you build up the muscles in your core, your jumps will become higher and more controlled.

Love your legs! Leg exercises that include lifts focus on leg muscles that will be active during jumps and engage your core. Sit on the floor with your knees straight and legs in a “V” position, Lift your legs and make small circles but keep your legs and back as straight as possible. If you do several sets of these daily, you’ll have higher faster jumps in no time!

As a cheerleader, your goal should be to have the best jumps on your team. Spend time every day working on the above tips and your jumps are guaranteed to get better!!

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