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How To Get Clients For Your Jacksonville Cheerleading Business

If you are planning to create your own Jacksonville cheerleading business or you already own one, then you should know that this business is more than just selling spandex and pom-poms. It’s all about the heart and the passion, too.

Being in the Jacksonville cheerleading business is not as profitable as other ventures but if you can manage to “monopolize” the local industry and be a supplier for all existing cheerleading team, then you have a bright future ahead of you. But how can that happen? What do you need to do to reach out to the squads?

Get to know the players in the industry

The players in the industry are the school administrators, the coaches, the assistant coaches, the procurement personnel, the cheerleaders themselves, and the parents.

These are the people most concerned about the welfare of the cheerleaders. They only want the best for these kids.

You have to get to know them by reaching out to them through various channels—social media, a telephone call, an email, or even an invitation to your store or to your exhibit.

Watch out for competitions

When it is competition season, make your business visible. Let them know you are present by supporting their causes—whether it’s sending a new pom-pom or a new type of spandex that could make moving and dancing easier.

This is the season when the cheerleaders are most vulnerable to wanting the best landing mats and the best gear for their stunts.

Give good deals

Once you have gotten the squads’ attention, make sure that you will have a good deal to offer. Don’t take advantage of the opportunity and sell your items for a higher price than some of your competitors.

Remember that the squad will have to order uniforms again in the future. And not only uniforms but other gear wear, too. You don’t want them to think that you are taking advantage of them. They will change suppliers pretty fast.

Support your local cheerleading team

Support your local Jacksonville cheerleading team and the community will support you, too. Offer them great discounts and even provide a freebie every now and then. A business can become successful simply because it is a part of the community.

When there are exhibits and other community programs, make it a point to be present there. They need to know your brand and they need to know you are supportive of community-building activities.

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