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How To Look Good During A Jacksonville Cheerleading Performance

There is a misconception that all cheerleaders are blonde, beautiful, popular, sexy, mean, and ditzy. While all of these are untrue and propagated only by Hollywood films that know nothing about Jacksonville cheerleading, cheerleaders do have to look good and presentable when they compete. That’s because part of the criteria for judging is the squad’s presentation so everything needs to be balanced and uniform.

Surely, you don’t expect your team to support your decision of letting your hair go all messy when they all have theirs on a tight bun? This means during all your stunts and routines, they could get distracted by the wagging ends of your hair.

But looking good for Jacksonville cheerleading competitions when you are oh-so-tired can be difficult. For one, if you’re like us and it takes great effort to put yourself together after an exhausting week of practices and dance steps, you might not have the energy to put up your hair on a bun or even to put on glittery makeup.

And yet, these are just the basic steps taken by every cheerleader during a performance. We don’t even see what they need to do to achieve the strong bodies that they have and that flawless skin we think they have.

Tanning salons

You think cheerleaders have achieved that great tanned look at no expense? Rarely do they practice for long hours under the sun because it’s unhealthy for them.

So, to get that tanned look, they have to spend an hour at least in a tanning salon. This will make sure that their tans are balanced and they won’t have any light or dark spots.


Cheerleaders are not born with perfectly-toned abs and arms. They work out for that so respect! They don’t go around saying that they have those bodies because they lounge around the living room, eating junk food and carbs all-day-long. No, they spend hours in the gym and they work out at least three times a week to get that physique.

Waxing salons

Of course, some Jacksonville cheerleading uniforms expose certain parts of the girls’ bodies such as their armpits and their legs.

This is not just for vanity, but cheerleaders do have to maintain a good hygiene by making sure that they don’t have hair on parts of their bodies that they would have to flash before the audience.

They’ll raise their arms and though certain cultures have come to accept women with hair on their armpits, it’s not really that hygienic for cheerleaders.

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