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How To Participate In Jacksonville Cheerleading Even If You Are Injured

Injuries are the absolute worst. They don’t only keep you away from your daily activities, they also prevent you from participating in Jacksonville cheerleading activities. However, it shouldn’t deter you from supporting your team and showing your teammates you are still there, somehow.

Be physically present

Don’t give your teammates a reason to doubt your commitment to the team. They know that you cannot practice or join them in the competition, but they also know that you could be at home watching TV instead of cheering for them. Show up during practices and even when they hang out after practice (as long as you’re able) and be their number one cheerleader during competitions.

Help in any way possible

There are many ways to help a cheerleading team without having to practice with them or physically harming yourself. You can help your coach prepare the schedule or finish some paperworks. You can clean the gym and the locker room, or you can bake some goods for your teammates. Whatever it is, find ways to contribute to the team and make them feel that you are there.

Cheer for your team

Even though your body may be in pain or injured, show your teammates that you can still cheer for them. If you can sit on the sidelines, that’s the best seat in town. Bring a positive energy when you walk into a room and make your teammates feel better by just being there and showing them how proud you are of them.

Learn new routines

If there is a new routine that the team is practicing, try to learn that, too. Although you cannot physically execute it, try to go over it in your head. When you are ready, you can pick off from what you can remember. Visualize yourself performing the choreography, so it will be easier once the cast from your leg comes off, for example. This will allow the team to continue with their progress even after you come back from your injury.

Bond with your team

Your relationship with your Jacksonville cheerleading squad shouldn’t be confined in the locker room or the gym. Instead, go with them when they hang out after practice. Show up during lunch break at your usual table and share some baked goodies with them. Whatever you do, letting your teammates know you are thinking about them will make them appreciate you even more.

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