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How To Prepare Your Jacksonville Cheerleading For Camp

Now that school is starting, you have to prepare yourself for a lot of driving and coordinating to get your cheerleaders to and from school and to and from the Jacksonville cheerleading facility. That is certainly not an easy task, but what is harder is what you need to prepare them for once school is over and the summer season has started.

The next big thing on every cheerleader’s agenda when summer is here is the cheerleading camp. Almost all teams are required to go to a cheerleading camp, so they can start working well together and hone their skills and their talents on the cheer mat. All cheerleaders are excited to go to cheer camp because this is a chance for them to bond well with their teammates.

Before seeing your cheerleader off to camp, you have to remind her of a few things first. You also have to ready yourself that you won’t be seeing her for the next few weeks. Don’t worry, she’s more probably in good hands and she’ll surely tell you all about it when she comes home.

Remind her of the point of going to cheer camp

Since the cheer camp is a chance to stay for days with her friends, she might think that it’s a vacation when it’s actually not. Sure, cheer camp is a new place and it’s fun to stay in a new place with friends. However, you should remind your girl that the camp is there to enhance once skills, and not to goof off and relax. There’ll be definitely be time for fun and relaxation, but she should focus first on what needs to be done rather than go on feeling like it’s a grand vacation of some sorts.

Triple check the cheer bag

Accidentally leaving things when you’re going somewhere important probably happened one, two, or more times. The anticipation of going to the camp might make your cheerleader forget of the things she needs to take with her. It’s your responsibility to triple check her bag and ensure that everything she needs is there—water bottle, towels, change of clothes, cheer gear, etc. You might also want to put in medication and other emergency kit, just in case something happens in camp.

Enjoy yourself

Now that your cheerleader is out enhancing her skills in camp, make sure you pamper yourself and give yourself a much needed relaxing spa treatment or even a massage. Don’t feel guilty about enjoying your time away from Jacksonville cheerleading. You’ve been basically acting like a cheerleader all-year-round, it’s time to give yourself a break.

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