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How To Start A Fundraising Event For Jacksonville Cheerleading

A great way to boost your fundraising events for either Lakeland cheerleading uniforms or a chance to travel to some faraway place to join a competition is to team up with local businesses and organizations. Lakeland is a small community that loves to help athletes and other local “heroes” and “celebrities” to raise funds for their needs. It is not unusual to find girl and boy scouts, as well as cheerleaders, handing out flyers and posters for their fundraising events.

Why would a local business help your squad, you ask? For one, local business owners love helping out other local athletes because they bring pride to their businesses. Besides, if you own a local shop, wouldn’t you want to support your local athletes and celebrities, too? Don’t you want Lakeland to be put on the map, so that more and more tourists will go and visit the place? That means more potential clients for your business.

There are several ways that you can work with local businesses. Here’s a look into them:

Find the right business

You can’t choose a business at random. You have to wisely pick which business to partner with. The business has to be either related to your program or similar to the fundraising event you’re trying to hold. Businesses would be open to supporting fundraising events if they are, for example, supplying athletic gears to the school or the team. If you’re doing a car wash fundraiser, why won’t you partner with a store that sells car supplies or has a large parking lot. That would save a lot money because instead of renting a large space, you’ll have one for free or for a discount. Working with a local business that is related to cheerleading will make the promotion much easier and faster. It also has a higher percentage rate.

Approach the business professionally

The problem with most organizations who ask for sponsorships is that they don’t know how to approach a business. You have to be professional about it even if the business is open to sponsoring your event. That means you have to give them an early notice, a formal letter, and information about the fundraising event. It would also be good for you to mention how the fundraiser can help their business improve and how the event can bring customers to them. This will convince them more to support your group not only for the current fundraising event, but for more events in the future.

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