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How You Can Learn from Your Child’s Jacksonville Cheerleading

Being the parent to a child who is into Jacksonville cheerleading can be a terrifying thing, if you believe all the stories. You hear about kids who suffer nervous breakdowns because of the pressure of tryouts, you hear about parents who try to sabotage the competition, all of this and more is the stuff of urban legends. However, you eventually find that the stories are exactly that, stories, and that there’s nothing to worry about.

You’re watching your child learn so much and develop on a personal level because of their cheerleading, and you couldn’t be prouder. Don’t think for a minute that parents are left behind in a child’s cheer career. Here are some ways parents can learn from their child’s cheerleading.

A parent is their child’s emotional support

One thing that parents take away from their child’s cheerleading experience is finding out how strong they can be as their child’s emotional support. Whether it’s your child’s first tryouts, or their fifth cheer meet, they will be nervous, no matter what. Instead of letting them see how worried you are for them, you’ll soon learn that being excited for them and their potential creates more of an emotional pillar of support for them. You learn that showing them the support that they need doesn’t stem from your worry for them, rather, from your excitement for what they can achieve on their own.

There’s nothing like watching your child grow from the cheer experience

The first time you drop your child off at their first day at cheer clinic, right up to picking them up from their very first meet is one of the most amazing transformations you can witness in your child. You see them transform from being nervous, and self-conscious to someone who executes the most complicated moves with self-confidence and beaming smiles.

You’ll learn how to be your child’s own personal cheerleader

While your child learns how to be the best cheerleader out there, you’ll learn how to be your child’s own personal cheerleader. When your child comes to you with their own personal doubts and hesitations about their ability, you’ll find yourself doing everything in your power to cheer them up and keep them going.

You’ll learn how to handle your child’s breakdowns

It’s normal for your child to feel like they’re not making any progress, especially if they find themselves doubting their abilities next to more seasoned cheerleaders. Over time, you’ll learn how to help your child get through these, with simple encouragement and support. Take photos and videos of your child when they’re just starting out in Jacksonville cheerleading, and show them how far they’ve come right now.

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