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How Your Jacksonville Cheerleading Team Can Save Money

Something that a lot of people don’t realize with Jacksonville cheerleading is that it comes with a lot of expenses. There are so many things that cheerleaders have to pay for, from uniforms to accessories and other cheerleading gear.

This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface on cheerleading competition related expenses, like gym fees and transportation fees to the venue. All in all, there are so many expenses involved with cheerleading and it’s something that not many cheerleaders are prepared for when they first join up.

In fact, there are some schools that are finding it difficult to cover all of the expenses involved with their school cheerleading team and it has come to the point where the teams themselves have to figure out how to raise the money for their own expenses. Here are some ways your Jacksonville cheerleading team can save money.


Fundraisers are one of the most common ways that cheerleading teams raise enough money to cover their cheer related expenses. It’s always a good idea to be as involved with these events as possible. Do your part by helping out in whatever way you can during the fundraisers and contribute your ideas to help make the most out of your fundraisers.

Don’t be afraid to go secondhand

This might not be something that a lot of people think about, but if you find the initial expense of cheerleading uniforms too costly, you should seriously consider purchasing them secondhand. Consider contacting alumni who were part of the cheerleading team and see if you can buy their old uniforms off of them.

Good cheerleaders know how to take care of their own cheerleading gear, so there are no worries about quality. Buying a secondhand uniform means that all you have to spend on it is some minor alterations to guarantee a perfect fit.

Take care of your gear

Cheerleading gear is not cheap, and constantly using it for cheerleading can cause it to wear down enough to require regular replacement. Knowing this, it’s important to know how to take care of your Lakeland cheerleading gear.

For example, your cheerleading shoes are designed to help with your cheerleading performance and tend to be lighter than regular shoes and are more likely to wear down with constant use. In order to make sure that it doesn’t wear down too quickly, use shoe covers to help protect it while you’re using it to and from cheer practices.

Maintaining your gear and keeping it in good condition helps you save money by not needing to spend on new gear too often.

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