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Improving Your Team’s Cheerleading Spirit

When you’re in the finals of a cheerleading competition and someone fell over during a stunt, what pulls the team together? Certainly, it’s not the crowd that watches your team gingerly as you try to “rah-rah-rah” your way into completing your stunt even though someone clearly messed it up.

It’s your team’s cheerleading spirit and your camaraderie that pull you through a slump. When in doubt about your ability as a cheerleading group, remember what you set out to do in the first place–motivate the team, build unity with the crowd, and have fun with them all.

Here are some tips to improve your team’s cheerleading spirit:

Commit to the team

It means working hard along with your teammates. A competitive and successful cheering squad takes a lot of hard work. You can build teamwork with your members when you see each other working hard towards the same goal. Never be a cheat during training. If your teammate is working from 8 in the morning until midnight, then work as hard too.

Bond with your teammates

There should be more to your group than just sharing the joy of winning and the disappointment of losing. Bond with your teammates even outside training camp and cheerleading competitions. Go to the mall, hangout in a coffee shop, and study together. There are so many things you can do to build camaraderie with your teammates. Try to avoid all the drama of the sports, and just focus on establishing teamwork.

Motivate your team

Did you know there are actually spirit games you can play, so that everyone can get involved? Your squad members should show excitement and energy to get the crowd going. Some of the spirit games you can play are Spirit Day or Week, Spirits Contests and Games, and Floats.

During Spirit Day or Week, hold activities that will get everyone excited about the big game ahead. For Spirit Contests and Games, give prizes to winners of who was the most energetic during the competition. And finally, allow everyone to get a hand in creating and decorating a float for the chosen theme of the spirit week.

Then, of course, there are also school fairs, pep rallies and sports activities where you can show your pride as a team.

Have fun with your team

What is more important than being energetic and enthusiastic during a cheerleading competition is to have fun with it. Your crowd can see if you’re not having fun at all with what you’re doing, and you’ll pull them to your mood (whatever that may be). So, have fun with your team and give out the best cheerleading spirit you’ve got.

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