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What To Expect When Being Interviewed For A Cheerleading Position

Jacksonville cheerleadingYes, your tryouts was a rousing success. You were able to land successfully on your two feet, and your routine was almost flawless. You are ready to take on the Jacksonville cheerleading world by storm, but there’s one last thing you have to take on–the dreaded interview with the coach and the head cheerleader.

Going to an interview for a cheerleader position you have been coveting can be dreadful. Imagine going for an interview for your dream job. That’s how it feels like to face the coach and the head cheerleader you have been admiring all your life. So, how do you prepare for the barrage of questions that will come? How can you impress the coach and the head cheerleader? Here are some tips:

Come prepared

What separates a successful applicant from a failed one is his/her preparation. You have to research about the cheerleading squad you are joining, as well as their programs, their structures, and the people behind it. When did they start? What challenges did they face? Did they win any recent competitions? You have to know everything about the cheerleading program you want to join.

Know what you want

What if you’re offered a base position? Will you take it even though you want to be a flyer? What if you’re shortlisted? What if you’re asked to tryout again or you need to join a fitness program to boost your endurance? There are many things that may take you aback once you’re in the interview process. Make sure you know what you want, as well as what you’re willing to sacrifice.

Be honest

If you’re asked about prioritizing academics and Jacksonville cheerleading, be honest with your answer. If you are running for honors and don’t want that to be affected because you will be training a lot, then let the coach know that. There may be concessions both of you can make, and the training schedule may be adjusted according to your needs. It really depends on how valuable you are to the team.

Prepare to sacrifice

Joining a cheerleading team will take a lot from you–emotionally, mentally, and physically. During the interview, be prepared to answer a lot of personal questions (yes, even your love life) because the coach and the head cheerleader need to know how much and how far are you willing to go to be a successful cheerleader. Once you’re in the squad, you’ll know more about sacrificing.

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