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It’s cheerleading competition time!

As a cheerleader, here is what you need to know about preparing for the day of competition…

To truly perform at the top of your game, athletes need to be sure to get the proper amount of sleep. Get into consistent sleeping schedule and follow it! Your muscles need good quality sleep in order to repair themselves. If you want to move fast, react quicker and have more endurance the first step is to get sleep.

You need to eat healthy all season long, but nutrition is even more important before competition. Your body needs the maximum amount of energy on the day of competition and no, energy drinks are not what I mean. You need carbs and hydration! Drink lots of water or even Gatorade to stay hydrated and eat healthy so that you can put everything you have into your routines.

There is nothing worse than a late cheerleader! As a coach, I will tell you that being late to a competition can completely bring down your routine. Your team will be worried about hitting the routine already not to mention the anxiety of not having your full team ready to warm up. Be at least ten minutes early to your team’s meeting spot, AND BE READY!! Don’t wait to do your hair and make up until the last minute or else you are late!!

We are so excited to get this cheerleading season underway! Please take the above pointers seriously so that competition day will go smoothly!

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