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What Makes Cheerleaders A Good Role Model?

Jacksonville cheerleading

Cheerleaders should be good role models, not only for the community they serve, but especially to the young people looking up to them and watching their every move. As children, they are bound to be interested with local celebrities, and aren’t cheerleaders the perfect example of local celebrities in your neighborhood? But don’t fret if your children are looking up to cheerleaders. They don’t merely want to wear short skirts and wave pom-poms in the air. Jacksonville cheerleaders have values that set them apart from other athletes and so-called role models.


Cheerleaders are very passionate people. They are passionate about winning, but they are passionate about surviving a lost too. This is an attribute young people these days must have. Passion is sorely lacking in the way children and teens are going about pursuing their dreams. The best cheerleaders have the ability to inspire others with their passion, and it can easily be rubbed off against people watching them.


Cheerleaders are extremely disciplined people. They wake up early, go to practice, stay there to sweat it out, attend school, go home, do their assignments, and sleep early… only to do it all over again the next day. The routine is even harsher when it’s competition time. The practices are doubled, and the stunts are more difficult.

Clear set of goals

Cheerleaders are goal-oriented people. They are clear about the goals they have set out for themselves, and even clearer about how they want to achieve these. If your children are idolizing cheerleaders, then they are off to a good start. This means they’ll soon see that it’s not all cute uniforms and catchy cheer. They’ll realize the goals that have to be achieved.


Cheerleaders are usually active in school activities and in the community. This means they are not self-focused, but rather are others-focused. They use their gifts, talents and skills to contribute to the community in whatever way they can. This is the kind of service that cannot be bought or paid.

Ability to overcome obstacles

Cheerleading is not all about cheering and winning. There are lots of times when their team or community loses too, and the task of cheering up the crowd will fall heavily on their shoulders. There will be setbacks in life… a lot of them, actually. If your children are looking up to cheerleaders, then it only means they can get inspired on how cheerleaders hurdle obstacles in their lives.

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