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Jacksonville Cheerleading 101: Eating Before, During, and After Practice

Jacksonville cheerleading is one of the more physically demanding sports out there. Physical strength isn’t only important, but flexibility, stamina, and endurance are all equally as important. Cheerleaders undergo very rigorous training and drills just to get to the level of physical ability that they perform with.

In addition to excellent physical training, it’s highly recommended that a cheerleader eat the right kind of food to make sure that their bodies get the right number and right kind of nutrients to balance out their physically active lifestyle. While fast food is great for the athlete on-the-go, you shouldn’t be sacrificing health for convenience.

As long as you plan your meals accordingly, then you shouldn’t have to worry about taking too much time to prep your food ahead of time. Here are some tips for proper nutrition before, during, and after practice.


Never, ever go to cheerleading practice on an empty stomach. That’s the fastest way to pass out from too much physical activity and not enough nourishment. Make sure you drink plenty of water before practice, and avoid sugary drinks like soda and artificial fruit juice.

Don’t leave too much time between eating and practice, and don’t eat your meals too close before practice time either. Eat healthy carbohydrates like pasta, raw vegetables, and fruits. These digest easily, and keep you well energized. Avoid fried foods and dairy products as these can leave you feeling sluggish.


Keep yourself constantly hydrated throughout the duration of practice. Always make it a habit to bring plenty of water with you. Because you don’t really have to eat during practice, a very light snack will suffice. Some fruit or nuts will do as a mid-practice snack. There’s no need to eat anything too heavy if you’ve eaten properly before practice. Again, avoid sugary food or drinks, no matter how little time you have for your breaks.


Again, always keep yourself adequately hydrated even after practice. Eat healthy carbohydrates with some protein to refuel your body after a strenuous workout. Make sure that you’re eating a balanced meal, and avoid eating too much processed food, especially junk food or fast food.

Plenty of healthy meals can be prepared and packed the night before practice. In the days leading up to the Jacksonville cheerleading competition, it’s very important that you eat plenty of food with good nutrition to make sure that you’re performing at your best during competition day. Eating the wrong kind of food can hurt your performance by making you feel sluggish and tired all the time.

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