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Jacksonville Cheerleading Coaching Do’s and Don’ts

Being a Jacksonville cheerleading coach is not an easy task. You have to juggle the actual training of the cheerleading training and safety included, with the administrative tasks of cheerleading. In addition to this, coaches still have to field questions and concerns from parents and the cheerleaders themselves.

It’s a job that no everybody can handle, and those that do deserve the utmost respect. However, no matter how difficult the job seems, at the end of the day, seeing those cheerleaders cheering their hearts out and pulling off stunts they were too scared to even try at the beginning of the year makes it all worth it.

You’ve been with these athletes every step of the way, and you know how hard it was for them to get there. Every training drill, regime, and routine runthrough, you had a hand in helping make all of this happen. And in the end of the day, that’s what being a good coach means. In order to be a successful cheerleading coach, here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.


Do communicate well

As a Jacksonville cheerleading coach, you’re going to have to maintain communication with plenty of people. You have to relay new techniques and drills with your cheerleaders, communicate with the admin staff at school, and explain certain things to parents. Cheerleading coaches have to have good communication skills in order to be an effective coach.

Do always give new things a try

In itself, cheerleading can be seen as a risky sport. From high flying stunts to speedy tumbles, plenty of people tend to shy away from cheerleading because of how dangerous it all looks. However, a good cheerleading coach is never afraid to try new things, and is capable of motivating their athletes to feel the same way.


Don’t ever lose your consistency

Never lose your consistency as a cheerleading coach. Whether it’s for the schedule of practices, or the kind of drills and routines you want the athletes to run through, always maintain consistency. Having an inconsistent coach is the last thing that any cheerleading athlete wants. Keeping a consistent schedule and routine makes it easier for your cheerleaders to go with what you’re saying and stick to the schedule you want them to.

Don’t get irrationally angry

There will be times in your career as a Jacksonville cheerleading coach where everything feels like nothing is going right. Parents can be difficult, stunts can be hard to execute, but no matter what happens, never blow up at whatever is causing the stress. Breathe through it, or take a break, and you’ll find a solution in no time at all.

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