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4 Things Cheerleaders Musn’t Do In Community Events

Jacksonville cheerleading members are always invited to attend community events because they also act as the entertainment and welcoming committee. During these events, cheerleaders must conform themselves in the best way possible. They must also be honest, respectful, helpful, and cheerful even if they are having a bad day.

Have you seen a cheerleader pout? Isn’t it disconcerting to see cheerleaders sad and not themselves? This is especially true if they are wearing their team uniform during a community event. Anyone who will feel disrespected by a cheerleader will quickly associate her behavior to the school and the team.

Don’t pout

No one wants to see people pouting or frowning, least of all cheerleaders. It’s inevitable that cheerleaders will have bad days, but you don’t have to pull everyone with you to your bad mood. When this happens to you, tell your teammates immediately what’s wrong with you. They can help perk you up and they can also cover for you, in a way. You should also tell your coach what’s going on with your life, so that he/she has the opportunity to cheer you up or not give you too much responsibility that day.

Don’t be a wallflower

The reason why cheerleaders are invited to community events is because they make things better and happier. You are there to cheer people up, so you always have to help in some way to encourage the participants of the event. If no one wants to participate, you can offer yourself. Ask the organizers if there is anything you can do for them, like tying up loose ends in the event. Always be helpful because this will help your team get the recognition you need and deserve.

Don’t curse

Just because you’re not in school grounds doesn’t mean you’re exempted from acting right. If your coach hears that you have been swearing a lot, especially in front of the public, he/she will be hugely disappointed. As a cheerleader, you are required to be a role model. If you use foul language, especially in public, a lot of children may follow your lead.

Don’t speak against other schools

It’s okay to have healthy competition among Jacksonville cheerleading teams. That’s normal for everyone. However, never speak ill about another school. Don’t badmouth their teams because that will reflect who you are as a team. As always, you should promote athleticism, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. Trash talking never got anyone somewhere.

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