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Cheerleaders Deserve Our Respect And Here’s Why

Jacksonville cheerleading

Aside from the fact that cheerleaders are human beings and deserve all the respect they can get, there are also other reasons why we should look up to them. Most members of Jacksonville cheerleading feel that only a small percentage of their family and friends support their endeavors. They are not wrong, too.

There are misconceptions about cheerleaders that are simply wrong. Some people think that because they dress sexily, that’s actually all there is to them. To be clear, cheerleaders are not sex symbols. They don’t dance around and wave their pom-poms so men can ogle at them and fantasize about them. Cheerleaders do a noble job of cheering on the home team and making sure the audience is entertained.

They are athletes (as recently defined by the Olympic committee) who work as hard as other athletes—tennis players, basketball players, football players, gymnasts, etc. Don’t worry, cheerleaders are not saying they are better athletes than others. They just want the same respect that other athletes get from people.

Cheerleading is one of the most dangerous sports for girls, but they do it anyway out of passion and love for it. They go back from injuries and pour their hearts and souls into the sports—all to entertain people and to win in competitions while representing their schools. Financially speaking, there is no benefit to being cheerleaders. They do it out of the love they developed for the sports. In fact, cheerleading can become quite a drawback when it comes to their academic lives.

It cuts down on their social life, too, because they have to be in practice instead of spending time with their friends at the mall. While their families are having tasty dinners, they are still in practice facilities perfecting their splits or their cartwheels. They spend an inordinate amount of time with their coaches and their team members. They see them more than they see their actual family and friends, which is why cheerleading teams are practically sororities. They have their own worlds.

Aside from all of that, Jacksonville cheerleading members also know how to give back to the community. They attend a lot of charity events and games to help the community raise funds. They lead other people to do the same, and they inspire young girls to want to be a part of the team and do good, too. Cheerleaders do a lot of things that will make a difference in the lives of others.

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