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Getting Ready For Cheerleading Evaluations

Jacksonville cheerleading

There’s nothing more grueling for an aspiring cheerleader than having to face Jacksonville cheerleading evaluations. Though you’ve done all the work you can possibly think of, you’ll feel that there are still some missing once you’re on your way to the gym for assessment and evaluations.

The feeling is pretty normal. That’s how all people feel when faced with the prospect of their dreams. What do you do when you are not accepted? How can you impress the coaches? These are all valid concerns.

Lucky for you, here are some tips you can follow in order to ensure a successful cheerleading tryout:

Impress at first sight

It’s true, first impressions are everything. If you enter that gym looking dejected and without confidence, you can be assured that the coaches will feel like you’re not ready to be a part of the team. No Jacksonville cheerleading coach wants a member who looks like her pet dog just died. You have to show the coach your confidence, and you have to look good while at it.

Be ready

There’s nothing more annoying than a cheerleader who appeared during tryouts without a dance prepared or without a routine to perform. The coaches won’t tell you what they want. You have to show them what you’ve got. Maybe after performing, they can ask you to do certain skills just to test your knowledge, but you have to be prepared from the get-go. Some coaches judge how prepared you are before seeing your skills.

Have the right attitude

You will encounter a lot of unpleasant people in the cheerleading industry. That’s not to say they are bad people. Some of them are just really dedicated and passionate with what they do that they tend to come off as snotty and arrogant. Be accepting of challenges, of criticisms, and of bad behavior. Know how to conduct yourself well, and you’ll go a long way in the cheerleading world.

Be safe

No coach wants to see his/her cheerleader injured or in an accident. That’s why all of them will tell and teach you to be safe when performing your skills. Wear the right clothes when trying out for a team, and make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re doing. Never do a skill you haven’t practiced or tried yet. There’s no use impressing the judges if you’re already in an ambulance. They want a cheerleader, and not someone they’ll call 911 for.

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