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Why Cheerleading Became A Popular Sports

Jacksonville cheerleading

Cheerleading was originally an activity for males. The first organized cheering activity was in the 1800s at a University of Minnesota rugby game. The changes back then were minimal as are the costume modifications. But in the 1900s, women began joining the activity (cheerleading was not considered a sports back then), and by 1948, Lawrence Herkimer formed the National Cheerleaders Association. As the popularization of Jacksonville cheerleading became apparent, customs, traditions and cheers changed, developed and became a part of our society’s culture. Cheerleading began in a university, and it is in schools that it became hugely popular, too, thanks in part to cheerleaders bringing the crowd to their feet during big football games.

Here are other reasons why cheerleading is now a widely popular sports:

Stunts and aerobics

Doing stunts, jumps and dance routines are not exactly things everyone can do. That is why cheerleading is a fun activity to watch during school games and competitive events. The audience enjoy watching the cheerleaders form pyramid stunts and flip on the air.

Cheerleaders have always been famous in their respective schools. They’ve been voted most popular and even as homecoming queens. Their statuses in their schools also led to the activity becoming a popular sports.

Cute uniforms

Believe it or not, but Jacksonville cheerleading uniforms may also be one of the reasons why the sports has become widely popular these past decade or so. It seems that whatever cheerleaders wear, it becomes some sort of a fashion trend.

As you may have noticed, a lot of trends in fashion have a sort of cheerleading uniforms in them. That’s why red wool skirts or skorts are staples in women’s closets. Even for Halloween costumes, cheerleading uniforms have always been a hit.


Movies also contributed to how popular cheerleading became in the last decade. Hollywood jumped into the cheerleading bandwagon with their movies, commercials and even anecdotes hidden in songs and advertisements.

Celebrities made the sports popular, too. Children watching all those cheerleading movies ended up trying for the sports themselves. They want the pom-poms, the cheers, the uniforms, and the attention cheerleaders get from the audience.

Today, Jacksonville cheerleading is an activity children enjoy during their summer or spring vacations. They want to learn how to do the stunts and they are even willing to work hard for it. There are even cheerleading schools like the Central Florida Athletics where kids are taught the principles of cheerleading.

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