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Keeping The Spirit Alive For Jacksonville Cheerleading

Jacksonville cheerleading

Just how important is school and team spirit when it comes to Jacksonville cheerleading? We doubt very much that any cheerleading squad can become effective and successful when the “spirit” is absent from its members. Every cheerleader is required to smile wide, cheer up, and rally behind the school team when they are in front of the audience.

No matter how many obstacles they are facing and the challenges they must go through, cheerleaders are expected to be positive at all times. Often, in fact, cheerleaders go through personal tragedy. This is not an excuse even for cheerers. They would take a leave for a couple of days and come back only when they are ready to cheer again. Showing sadness and melancholy is a definite no-no when it comes to cheerleading.

But how does one keep the spirit alive even amid academic difficulties and personal tragedies? Cheerleaders cannot help but go through professional and personal challenges during their stint in the squad. Grandparents die. Friends go through harsh times. Students fail exams and financial problems arrive.

Amidst all of these, cheerleaders have to attend practice, go to trainings, deal with team drama, compete with other cheerleaders, maintain friendships, achieve academic goals, and be a part of their families. They have to go through heartbreaks while maintaining a positive attitude. Can you imagine cheering through a hearbreak?

But that’s how professional cheerleaders are. Keeping the spirit of a cheerleading team depends on the friendship formed among its members. If the cheerleaders are friends and genuinely care for each other, then they can better succeed through different struggles that might fall on each cheerleader.

So, in essence, the spirit of a cheerleading team depends on the relationships formed among the members. That is why coaches put such a premium on teamwork, camaraderie, and friendships. That is why coaches do their best to resolve internal issues and that’s why they ask teammates to spend time with each other even after practice and training.

This is what cheer camps teach you—to trust each other and to have each other’s backs when the going gets tough. Such experiences will shape you to become a successful cheerleading squad. These are the reasons why, when in the midst of a challenging situation, you will be able to pull through as a team. Jacksonville cheerleading is not merely about winning and doing your stunts perfectly. It’s about how you work as a team, cheering for each other as much as you’re cheering for your team.

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