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How To Make Friends With The Cheerleading Squad

Jacksonville cheerleading

Being a cheerleader does not only require tough physicality and strength and mental acuity. You also have to be emotionally prepared for the journey ahead. One of the most challenging aspects of joining a Jacksonville cheerleading squad is the inter-relationships among its members. Depending on your team, a cheerleading squad can number from 20 or more. There are bases, flyers, dancers, lifters, etc. Each of the person composing a team has his/her own attitude, behavior and personality that can make or break the harmonious relationship of the squad members.

Most cheerleading squads also base their acceptance of a new member through his/her personality and attitude. No one certainly likes an aggressive person–someone who’s callous and insensitive to the feeling of others. And since you are supposed to make the audience cheer, sullen personalities are a no-no, too. You have to have energy when cheering.

That’s where team relationship plays into. If you all have a harmonious relationship with each other, there is a good chance that you will develop a good rapport and thus, perform well on the grand stage.

Here are some tips how to befriend a cheerleader:

Talk to her

If you are in the same class, you may want to sit beside a co-cheerleader and talk with her when you can. You can share notes about the lessons and even offer to teach one another, depending on your strengths and weaknesses.

When there are group projects, you can be grouped together, allowing you to spend more time together after school, and even talk about the project even during training with the whole squad. This makes it easier for the both of you to establish teamwork.

If you can work together for an academic grade, you can surely work together for the betterment of the school spirit.

Eat with her

During lunch break, take the time out to sought your cheerleader friends and have lunch together. You may not know this, but eating has a way of bonding us together.

Over a lunch of mashed potatoes and grilled chicken, you can even talk about your classes, your teachers, and the routines you’ll be practicing later after class.

If there’s a big game or competition coming up, spending as much time as you can with your teammates will help calm your nerves, and would certainly help overcome your anxiousness about performing before a crowd. When you are all together, it’s hard to feel nervous and intimidated.

Spend after-school hours together

There’s nothing that will bond your team more than spending after-school hours with them. You can invite them to your home, and introduce them to your parents. Spending time outside school is certainly more calming and relaxing for all of you.

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