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Making Friends at Jacksonville Cheerleading Camp

The beginning of the summer season can mean a lot of things for a Jacksonville cheerleading athlete. For some, it means that it’s finally the end of the cheer season, which means that they can take a well-deserved break. For others, it’s the end of their cheerleading season, and they’re not sure if they’ll be continuing the next season, which is a bittersweet event for them.

For others, especially those who are beginning their cheer career, they may be gearing up for cheer camp for the first time ever. They may be feeling excited and nervous at the same time. Cheer camp is something that every cheerleader has to go through at least once in their cheer careers. It is an experience that teaches you more about cheerleading, and prepares you well for the physical and mental rigours of a cheerleader’s schedule.

It is also a great way to meet new people from all over the country who are just as passionate about cheerleading as you are. While you’ll be participating in cheer camp with your own team, you shouldn’t hold yourself back from meeting other cheerleaders at the camp. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind to help you make friends during cheer camp.

Friendly Rivalries are Healthy, But Don’t Let it Get Out of Hand

As we’ve mentioned, you’ll be meeting cheerleaders from all across the country, which means that you may be meeting cheerleaders that you might be competing against in the future. As athletes, you may be naturally competitive, and that’s okay, as long as you don’t allow it to get too out of hand. Don’t resort to insults and petty rivalries, use the friendly competition to help each other by providing useful tips and helping out each other.

Help Each Other

Again, always lend a helping hand. You’re all passionate about cheerleading, so this should be something that you should all be enjoying together. Help each other out, no matter what team they’re from. Once everyone understand that everyone is there to learn more about cheerleading, you should all be on the fast track to being friends.

A Positive Attitude

Always keep a positive attitude at Jacksonville cheerleading camp. Your positive attitude can help lift up others’ spirits, and naturally draw people to you. Even if you’re all exhausted from the drills, or frustrated because of a difficult stunt, maintaining a positive attitude in the face of everything can help you all push forward.

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