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We are now in week seven of our after-school program and everything is going great! We have seen many of our kids working so hard to learn new skills. When athletes come to our gym, they come with different skill and ability levels. One of the many benefits to attending our after-school program is that the children get more time and instruction to help master these skills. From learning how to tumble, play four square, football, arts and crafts or basketball, extra time in the gym is an advantage.

This week I want to focus on perseverance. Perseverance means not quitting. It is also a sign of your strength of will, and can reflect itself in self esteem. It takes a strong mind to convince your body to hang in there and stick with the task no matter how difficult it seems. When you persevere in exercising, you learn to have what it takes mentally to face anything. On the opposite end, leaving a goal unfinished reflects lack of follow-through. It is not enough to do something once or for a short period of time, the key is to follow-through and to build the mental stamina to do so.

When I think about perseverance, two sisters in our after-school program named Dahlia and Sophia stick out. When they started in the after-school program, they were so eager to learn some tumbling skills. We offer different choices when it comes to our after school activities, but these two always choose tumbling. Every day they come in, they tell us how much they practice at home and it shows! They have mastered everything from cartwheels, round offs, handstands and so much more in just five short weeks.

So many things in life require significant levels of sacrifice and determination; it reminds me of the saying that the best things in life don’t come cheap. Achieving ones goals are no different. If you want to see what perseverance looks like, stop by the gym and meet Dahlia and Sophia, they are true achievers!

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