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Planning Your Jacksonville Cheerleading Responsibilities Around Your Summer Plans

Summer is a time of fun under the sun. We will always associate the summer months with feelings of happiness and freedom. The freedom to do whatever we want with our family and friends under the warm summer sun. For Jacksonville cheerleading athletes, they view the summer seasons as an additional opportunity to improve and learn new cheer skills. That is why, for plenty of them, they choose to attend cheer camp with their team, or take part in training sessions over the summer.

However, how does one manage to juggle the summer fun with the cheerleading responsibilities? After all, while training for cheerleading is great and all, you do want to have fun during the summer months. Here are some tips to help you plan your cheerleading responsibilities while being able to enjoy the summer season all at the same time.

Take note of important dates

To help you get some perspective, take down all of the important dates that you have to remember during the summer. Take note of the beginning of the summer, the beginning and end of cheer camp, and any trips you may be taking with your friends and family.

This helps you keep track of all dates that you need to keep note of, so that nothing accidentally gets scheduled at the same time. It also gives you the opportunity to plan around these dates, so you don’t end up making plans at the same time you’re supposed to be heading to cheer camp.

Family trips can be planned around cheer camp

If you have a family vacation trip planned around the same time as your schedule for Jacksonville cheerleading camp, and camp is out of state, you can make it a two in one thing and have your family come visit you.

Your family can look up some great things to do in the area, and since you’ll be headed there for cheer camp anyways, your family has one less ticket to worry about. For maximum effect, your family can plan the trip towards the end of cheer camp so that after camp, you can spend time with them in the area.

Make time for yourself

Above all, while figuring out a good schedule to juggle your Jacksonville cheerleading responsibilities around your summer plans, don’t be afraid to make some time for yourself.

Spending time with your squad, friends, and your family are all great, don’t forget to take some time off for just yourself. After all, summer break isn’t going to be around forever, so you better make the most out of it.

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