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Practicing Yoga to Up Your Jacksonville Cheerleading Game

Yoga is often misunderstood by a lot of people, especially if they don’t really understand how yoga helps. While a rigorous physical fitness regimen is great for a Jacksonville cheerleading athlete’s physical prowess, it’s important not to disregard the mental strength of an athlete as well. Yoga is extremely beneficial for athletes because it helps them improve their mental health, as well as help with their flexibility.

The meditation aspect in yoga helps improve focus and promotes a calm mind. Overall, yoga helps in both the physical and mental aspects of cheerleading. If you’re still not convinced, here are some ways that practicing yoga helps with your cheerleading performance.

Helps improve flexibility

Because of the nature of yoga, it helps you develop your flexibility without having to force that flexibility out of you. Yoga encourage growth over time, without having to push the body unnecessarily through force. Because the progress is gradual, your body has more time to adjust to the flexibility.

During your very first lesson, you’ll find it difficult to carry out the positions that the more experienced students are doing, and you might even find it difficult to touch your toes. However, after time and dedication, you’ll find your body gradually getting used to the positions and adjusting to the flexibility.

Helps improve focus and mental capacity

We’ve talked about how yoga’s meditative exercises can help improve mental health, but yoga can also help in other aspects of the mind. Yoga can help improve focus and concentration, which is very beneficial for cheerleaders who need to focus in order to carry out difficult stunts. In cheerleading, presence of mind can make all the difference in the execution of a stunt, and yoga can definitely help with that.

Yoga can also help with aspects outside of cheerleading as well. It can help improve mental focus and concentration in schoolwork, as well as help with retaining a calm attitude during stressful situations, like exams.

It can help exercise dormant muscles and improve recovery time

Interestingly enough, yoga helps exercise muscles that are not typically hit during regular physical exercise. Because yoga promotes a more balanced body, its exercises help stretch other muscles of your body that don’t get a lot of exercise. Another significant advantage that yoga provides is that because of its assistance in increasing flexibility, it also helps the body improve its recovery time for injuries.

It can also help improve posture significantly, which is a huge boost for Jacksonville cheerleading athletes’ performances, because improper posture can lead to the improper execution of stunts, which can cause severe injury.

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