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Preparing Yourself for Your First Jacksonville Cheerleading Competition

It’s your very first Jacksonville cheerleading competition, and you’re convinced you’ve never been more nervous in your entire life. You’re paranoid that you might have forgotten something important, or that you might mess up your part of the routine. This is where you need to remember that you’re not the first cheerleader to be nervous about their first cheer competition. All cheerleader have gone through it at some point. To keep your mind at ease, here are some things to keep in mind to prepare yourself for you first cheerleading competition.

Pack your bag with the essentials

You may get overwhelmed by all the preparation you need for the day of the competition, so as early as a week before the competition, create a checklist of all the things you’ll need, and start packing your bag slowly. You can add in your accessories today, and your socks tomorrow, and so on. This helps guarantee that you have everything you need the day of the competition and you won’t spend the night before the competition scrambling around for your gear.

Here are some of the basic essentials that a competing cheerleader should have in her bag:

  • Your uniform
  • Clean white socks
  • Your accessories, such as hair bows and ribbons, and what you’ll need to keep them in place, such as hair spray and bobby pins.
  • Makeup
  • Some snack and plenty of water

Make sure you have the routine down to a T

A lot of the first competition jitters from the fear of messing up the routine and bringing down the team as a result. In order to banish those fears, it would be advisable to practice at least twice in the week leading up to the competition. Make sure that everyone has everything memorized, even the pre-performance routine. This helps make it easier to make sure that everything is going smoothly right from the start to the end of the performance. Mental preparation helps as well, playing the routine out in your mind while listening to the routine music helps you visualize the whole thing and guarantees that you’ve memorized the entire routine.

Get enough rest and make sure you eat healthy

You’ll probably get an early start the next day, so makes sure you get enough rest. This guarantees that you’re rested enough for the physical and mental activity that you’ll face at the meet. Run the routine through your mind once or twice, and stop thinking about it. Don’t psych yourself out by worrying about things too much. Avoid eating junk foods, this will prevent your body from taking in the nutrients it needs to perform well, so make sure you eat a balanced meal and drink plenty of water.

You might be nervous for your first Jacksonville cheerleading competition, but don’t forget to have fun!

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