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Rallying A Community To Support Jacksonville Cheerleading

Got a local Jacksonville cheerleading squad you think is not receiving enough support from the local community? Are you a parent of one of the cheerleaders who want the community to rally behind your daughter’s team?

Are they going to regionals or nationals and need financial and moral support from the community? Your heart is certainly in the right place, though it is never easy to persuade a group of people to support something that does not interest them.

If you want your community to support the cheerleading squad, you must first prove to them that the team is worth supporting. To do that, they need to watch them perform and see how hardworking and determined these cheerleaders are.

Once they see that, it’s easy to persuade the community to rally behind the squad and support their success through any means available to them—financial, moral, emotional, or physical support.


One of the things you have to ensure is for the community, in general, to see the Jacksonville cheerleading athletes perform. While they won’t all have the time to attend local school events, especially if they’ve got no one to root for in the football or the basketball team, what the squad can do is attend events that the community is currently supporting.

If there’s a farmer’s market every weekend with musical and dance performances to entertain the market-goers, this is a great place for the cheerleaders to congregate and perform a few stunts.

It’s important that the community will see what kind of group they are being asked to support. Remember that they are going to shell out money and emotional investment on these cheerleaders so they must know what they are getting into.

Fundraising events

You can help hold a fundraising event for the Jacksonville cheerleading athletes. Since they are natural dancers and performers, they can show their dance routines and stunts to the attendees.

They can also invite other groups from their school such as the music group or a local band to perform during the fundraising event. This is particularly important when the cheerleaders are going to a regional or the national competition, especially.

The community will be more engaged and be more than willing to shell out their support for a squad that’s going to represent them to the regionals or the nationals. This is a great opportunity also for them to get to know the cheerleaders and how passionate they are about their craft.

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