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What Roles Do Cheerleaders Play In Our Communities?

Jacksonville cheerleading

How often do you attend basketball and baseball games in your community? Do you happen to notice who are always in the sidelines of every little league and major sports game in your neighborhood? Yes, that’s right. These wonderful cheerleaders are always ready with a smile and a cheer for the crowd. Whether to get the crowd going or to simply boost the energy of the team, nothing says team spirit than a group of women waving their pom-poms around and flipping their bodies in the air. But what really are the roles of Jacksonville cheerleaders in our communities aside from cheering the team to victory?

Raising awareness about the games

In our busy lives, we sometimes forget football or baseball season. Whether it’s a major game or a minor league game, it’s important to spend some time with community members in cheering for our home teams. Cheerleaders make it a point to inform the schools and even community leaders about an upcoming game. After all, how fun would a game be without a crowd cheering them on, right?

Leading fundraising activities

We should always support fundraising activities being done for the benefit of schools or community projects. Cheerleaders often conduct bake sales, car wash days and other forms of activities to raise funds for their uniforms or even to support local programs. That’s why it has often been said that cheerleaders are not merely a form of entertainment, they are good-doers too, and they contribute magnificently to the community they are a part of.

Getting the crowd going

The main function of Jacksonville cheerleaders, of course, is to boost the energy of the crowd. They want to make sure the audience of the game are entertained every time out or halftime, and they invite them to join in the cheering for the home team. But that’s not all, cheerleaders are mostly needed when the home team is losing, and they need a boost of morale. They turn to their cheerleaders who are urging everyone to rally behind their team, win or lose.

Being good ambassadors of the sports

Cheerleaders should act as role models for the youth. Most children are probably looking up at them, not only because they always manage to look good, but also because they are doing something beneficial for the community. When you’re a cheerleader, you should take care of your reputation and your image as it might affect the school, community or sports you’re cheering for.

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