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Safety Reminders When Traveling With Jacksonville Cheerleading

When traveling with your Jacksonville cheerleading team, whether for competitions or for recreation or for team building activities, always keep in mind that these are still kids and as much as you want to trust them to make sound decisions, they may get caught up in the moment and not think straight.

Since everything is new for these kids and they are excited to spend time together beyond the confines of the school and the gym, they may play around and forget that they have a strict schedule to follow.

As their coach, you are responsible for the safety of these cheerleaders. Their parents signed on for you to be their chaperone so keep in mind that these kids are going to be your responsibility until the trip ends. So much pressure, huh?

Create a buddy system

The best way to travel with your cheerleaders is to have an extra person with you that can help keep them in check—maybe a parent or another member of the faculty?

However, you still have to create a buddy system wherein each cheerleader is partnered with another. They should check each other when going to the comfort room or even when transferring flights, etc. The two of them are responsible for each other for basic matters.

Give reminders to your cheerleaders

Create a checklist that your cheerleaders can follow. The list should include the things they need to pack, the schedule they need to follow, and the important emergency numbers they should remember or memorize. This list should help you streamline everything.

Pay for travel insurance

Travel insurance might be an extra expense that your school is not willing to cover but this is essential to your travel. It helps you be in control when a flight gets delayed or canceled.

You can also use it when a cheerleader arrives late at the airport and misses her flight. The airline can immediately book another flight for her so that she won’t miss the competition.

Arrange for accommodations and cab services

One of the reasons why things get awry when traveling is when you didn’t pre-arrange the airport transfers and the accommodations. If you are just going to find a cab to take you to your hotels right there in the airport, you are bound to be separated as a group and you will be unable to keep your eye on everyone.

Arrange for transfers and accommodations before your flight so everyone will be in one car or one shuttle bus going to the hotel and around the city.

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