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Setting Jacksonville Cheerleading Goals for Yourself This Summer

Summer is a fantastic time to relax and rewind after a school year filled with the stresses of school and Jacksonville cheerleading. You don’t have to worry about deadlines, there’s no homework to be done, and you can spend as much time as you want with your friends over the summer. For cheerleading athletes, they usually take the summer season to work on areas of their cheerleading technique to make sure that they’re improved and in tiptop condition when the cheerleading season comes around again.

Summer can be seen as a great time to work on areas that you feel like you’re lacking in, as well as maintaining a fitness regime to guarantee that you’re in great condition next season. To help you with this, here are some goals that you can set for yourself to make sure that you’re in great condition during the next cheerleading season.

Mastering a new stunt

During the regular season, it may be difficult to focus all of your energy on practicing a stunt or jump that you really want to master, because you have to focus on training for the next round of competition meets and cheer events. During the summer however, you have all the free time that you’ll need to make perfect the stunts that you had your eye on.

One way to help you figure out what areas you might be lacking in and need improvement in is by taping one of your performances and reviewing it afterwards. It can be pretty easy to spot what areas you need work in, and focus on those in order to really up your game. Keep filming as you progress, so that you can really see the difference at the end of the summer.

Figure out what you want to accomplish during the next season

When setting goals for yourself, one of the most important steps to carry out is fleshing out your objectives and goals for the next season. Perhaps you want to be moved to a different position, but your skills aren’t quite there yet. So you can spend the summer working on that to help make sure that you can accomplish that during the next season. It doesn’t even have to be cheerleading related goals either, you can set goals for yourself to improve yourself as a whole.

You might be thinking of setting health and fitness goals, or even goals to open yourself up even more to your squad mates. You might even set yourself the goal of wanting to be more responsive to constructive criticism. Remember that these goals are meant to improve yourself both in Jacksonville cheerleading and outside of it.

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