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5 Signs You Are Virtually A Cheerleading Coach

Jacksonville cheerleading

There are tell-tale signs you’re acting like a Jacksonville cheerleading coach already. You just haven’t noticed it yet. Sometimes, you are so into the cheerleading squad that you notice the tiny, minute details about the team. You even act like a mother hen to all the members of the team.

That’s no surprise, especially if you are passionate and dedicated to your work as a cheerleader. But no worries, that only shows how devoted you are to this sporting activity. Here are five funny signs you’re acting a coach when you’re really not:

1. You don’t take no for an answer.
Cheerleading coaches are known to be tough and unbendable when it comes to rules. Your team members want to take the day off to go to the movies or watch a concert? A sure sign you’re becoming a coach is when your co-members are scared to cajole you into going to the mall with them and skipping practice. You’re basically like the general. There’s no saying “no” to you when it comes to Jacksonville cheerleading.

2. You spend hours watching a tape of your team’s routines.
As if spending three hours of practice each day with them isn’t enough, you’re actually still reviewing your routines when you get home. As soon as you finished dinner, you’re off to your room to watch videos of your stunts and dance routines. You’re looking for the tiniest mistakes that can send you home without a trophy. That’s how obsessed you are with perfection.

3. You can’t listen to a music and not think about a dance routine.
It’s a sure sign that you’re acting like a cheerleader coach when you cannot listen to a music without thinking of ways to incorporate it into your team’s routine. Even when you’re doing something else, you’re subconsciously tapping your feet to the sounds, and humming to the tune.

4. You are a hoarder of bobby pins and hair ties.
Suddenly, you found yourself hoarding all the bobby pins and hair ties you can get your hands on because who knows when you or your teammates will need them, right? You’re the Girl Scout of the group since they constantly ask you for extra pom-poms, cheer bows, hair ties, etc.

5. Your idea of summer vacation is team practice and team retreats.
Beach? Mountains? No and no. Your idea of a summer vacation is spending all your hours with your squad. Whether it’s thinking of a new routine or learning a new stunt, you can’t let the summer pass without improving your Jacksonville cheerleading skills.

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