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Signs You’re Too Sick for Jacksonville Cheerleading Practice

Jacksonville cheerleading is so much more than just a sport to you, it’s practically a lifestyle for you. You spend your free time checking out cheerleading videos, and staying up to date on the latest cheerleading news. You enjoy all the aspects of training, no matter how exhausting it can get.

So if you get sick, it can be pretty hard for you to tear yourself away from cheerleading in the span of time that it will take for you to recover. You’d be perfectly happy staying home to rest and then coming in for practice in the afternoon, but schools don’t usually allow that.

So if you want to attend practice, you need to brave the waters of school while sick just to be capable of attending cheer practice. While your dedication is admirable, you really need to keep your health in check, and forcing yourself to go to school and then practice can be pretty hard on your body when all it wants to do is bury itself in a mountain of blankets. If you think you’re still well enough to cheer, then here are some signs that you might be too sick for training and should get some rest.

You simply don’t have the energy in you

If walking down the hall feels like running a 10k marathon, then your body is trying to tell you something. If it’s too hard for you to walk, it’ll be even more difficult for you at cheerleading practice. When you come down with something like the flu, your body is usually too exhausted fighting off the sickness to direct its energy towards anything else.

Even if you say that you’re fine, you have to remember that you’ll be executing stunts that require a lot of mental and physical energy, two things that you are in dire shortage of, and you risk placing your teammates in danger. So go home, rest up, and take some medicine. Your body will thank you for it.

Your symptoms like vomiting or chills are too much to ignore

Some symptoms like a cold are easy enough to ignore, as long as they’re not accompanied by anything more serious, like a fever. Sure, you might be a little drippy in the nasal area, but with a regular head cold, you’re usually well enough to carry out typical activities, including cheerleading. However, if you’re having severe symptoms that make it difficult to focus on anything else, like nausea and chills, then you should definitely take a well-deserved break.

Your sickness is contagious

This is one of the most indicators that you should stay home and rest, instead of pushing yourself to attend your Jacksonville cheerleading practices. If you risk spreading your sickness to other members of your team, then you should definitely stay home instead of risking having your entire team out sick during the competition season

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