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So Your Child Wants to Be a Jacksonville Cheerleading Athlete

So one day, your child tells you, “I want to be a Jacksonville cheerleading athlete”. Well maybe not in those words exactly, but they’re basically telling you that they want to be a cheerleader. You might be experiencing feelings of happiness, and slight trepidation of what’s to come, and that’s okay.

While your child might be seeing the stunts and the flashy uniforms, they should also be aware of the amount of work that goes into the whole sport. Make sure that your child understands the responsibilities and work that goes into being a cheerleader. Here are some things that your child should expect when they join the world of cheerleading.


When your child is still in the process of trying out for the regular Jacksonville cheerleading season, they should be aware of the amount of work that they should put in for cheerleading tryouts.

If it’s their absolute first time with anything related to cheerleading, then they should understand how much work they should put in just to qualify for the team. They may have to enroll in tumbling classes to develop skills that might give them a leg up during tryouts.
Pre-season cheerleading

If your child gets in, congrats! However, tryouts are just the beginning. During the pre-season, Jacksonville cheerleading athletes may have to participate in cheer camp. This gives them the first taste of what a cheerleader’s schedule is like, and how their training drills are carried out. On the other hand, this is where they’ll really get to know other cheerleader who share their interest in cheerleading, so they’re bound to make new friends .

Regular season

The regular season is the most grueling of them all. After school practice is a common occurrence, and when competition season rolls around, their coaches are going to be coming down on them pretty hard. Your child will have to learn how to manage their time well in order to balance school, Jacksonville cheerleading, and their social life well in order to prevent burnout.

Overall, it’s easy to say that cheerleading is a lot of work, especially for first-timers. A lot of kids tend to be discouraged when they find out just how much work needs to be done just to be part of the cheer team.

However, if they make it, they’ll find that Jacksonville cheerleading is one of the most unique experiences and sports that a child can take an interest in. The lessons that they’ll take away from the whole thing is worth everything that they’ll go through.

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