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Staying In Shape For Jacksonville Cheerleading

Jacksonville cheerleading

Jacksonville cheerleading is the kind of sports that you cannot shrug off when you feel like it. Like all sports activities, there’s a certain level of discipline and hardwork that come with having to be a cheerleader. You also cannot get away with being sloppy on how you take care of your body. Somehow, you’ve got to take care of your fitness level no matter what it takes you.

Pure vacations? There is no such thing like that with cheerleaders. Even during the summer, spring, or winter breaks, cheerleaders can be found in the gym, working out and doing their best to maintain their body and their form. What most cheerleaders encounter, though, is their problem with their schedules and their workloads once school is here or whenever summer vacation starts. For one, it’s easy to work out when you have a place or the equipment for it. Most school gyms have facilities where cheerleaders can work out and exercise. But once the summer break starts, the access to these facilities would cease, too, and cheerleaders are left wondering what could they possibly do to keep up with their routines.

Make your own workout routines

There is a very specific workout routine you have to follow when you are in school and under the tutelage of your coach. The facilities are accessible for you and the you don’t have to worry about the equipment and the various tools needed to carry out the task. But once school is out, there will be very limited access to these facilities, which means you won’t be able to accommodate your whole routine.

It’s important that you create your very own routine according to what is accessible to you. If what you have is only a treadmill and maybe a stationary bike at home, then you’ve got to create a routine that will use these two equipments to their best.

Utilize your backyards

Your backyard exists not only so your mom can make her own garden or so you can play house soccer with your siblings. You can actually turn your backyards into a mini workout facility. By simply spreading a yoga mat on the grass, you can do lunges, squats, planks, sit-ups, and many more. If a treadmill is not available in your home, you can also run around the backyard to get your heart pumping. It’s a good cardio workout, and once that should never be amiss in your routine.

Go swimming

What’s the best thing to do during summer season? Swimming is an activity both enjoyed for its health benefits and its convenience for fun and adventure. It can be enjoyed by friends, families, acquaintances, and the whole cheerleading team. Organize a pool party, whether in your own backyard if you have your own pool, or in a rented facility. There’s are so many physical benefits of swimming–cardio, toned muscles, excellent breathing exercises, etc. It’s a great replacement for your actual Jacksonville cheerleading workout.

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