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Staying Safe When Travelling For Jacksonville Cheerleading Competitions

Jacksonville cheerleading, like any other sport, requires practice, determination, passion, and a willingness to be brought out of your comfort zone and into new places, sometimes literally. It is not uncommon to travel for cheer meets, and these trips are usually a great way for the team to bond and make some fun, new memories together. However, you might run into some bumps along the road, so it’s best to keep an eye out on anything that might turn your trip sour. Here are some tips to stay safe when travelling for cheerleading competitions.

Roll call

A roll call will guarantee that everyone is on board before leaving to and from the destination. It would be unfortunate for any team member or chaperone to be left behind because of an oversight. Make sure that everyone is accounted for, and consider making use of the buddy system when staying in an unfamiliar location so that nobody ends up wandering off on their own. Making use of chaperones is a great way to keep an eye on everything.

Always obey the rules and regulations, no matter the mode of transportation

Whether on the road or in the air, always obey the rules and regulations. Always wear your seatbelt on the road. Make sure there’s a fully stocked first-aid kit on hand in case anything happens while travelling. If it’s a long trip, make sure that there is more than one driver to do a rotation shift with. It isn’t safe for a driver to be doing the entirety of the driving, especially if it’s going to be an overnight drive.

If flying, make sure to observe airport guidelines, including baggage weight limits. Make sure you don’t bring any prohibited items onto the plane, and always pay attention to the demonstration on safety and emergency exits.

Don’t be careless when staying at a hotel

When staying at a hotel, do not be careless and let anybody into your hotel room. Always check the peephole to make sure that you know that person, and if they claim that they are hotel staff, verify with the front desk via your room phone if you are unsure. Don’t practice your stunts anywhere dangerous, like the pool area, as you may risk slipping and hurting yourself. Always practice your stunts in the proper locations. Make sure that you have your room key and your valuables before leaving your hotel room, especially if no one is going to be staying in the room.

It is possible to stay safe on trips to Jacksonville cheerleading meets while having fun at the same time. As long as everyone follows the rules and regulations, everything will go off without a hitch.

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