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Steps To Take If You Want To Join A Jacksonville Cheerleading Team

Jacksonville cheerleading athletes make it look easy. When we watch them fly to the air, they make it seem like everyone can do it.

Landing on your feet with a big smile on your face during a performance is a success story in itself. But we all know it’s not that easy; that before that girl landed on her two feet and before she managed to break a smile, she did that a hundred times over.

Mastery is not only an outcome in cheerleading. It is a requirement. Every cheerleader knows that without mastering her skills and her routines, she won’t go too far in the squad.

Want to know if you are fit for the job of a cheerleader? Time management is not the only skill that matters, mind you. Even if you can somehow juggle all your academic and cheerleading duties, you will still have to hone your skills every single day while maintaining good grades and nurturing relationships with families and friends.

Watch cheerleading videos

Before joining a particular cheerleading squad, watch that team’s videos. What did you notice about the squad? How perfectly balanced are they? How do they support each other when one falls, for example?

What are the routines that you think you can do already? Watching cheerleading videos will make you realize two things: one, that you want to join the squad and two, that maybe joining a cheerleading team is not for you.

Do different workout routines

Strengthen the many, many parts of your body—your arms, your core muscles, your legs, and your butt. All of these are important to many Jacksonville cheerleading routines that will either require you to fly to the air or throw a fellow cheerleader and catch her after a somersault.

You need to strengthen your muscles, make sure that you can take on the challenges of the job. Remember that in Jacksonville cheerleading, if you are not strong or healthy enough, you are also jeopardizing the health and the wellness of the whole squad.

Practice stunts with a professional

Do not practice the stunts on your own. Hire someone who can guide you through it or better yet, enroll in a summer camp where you’ll get to hang out with cheerleaders, cheer coaches, and mentors.

You can start practicing the stunts just in time for the tryouts. Even if you feel that you can do the stunts already, don’t do them by yourself for health reasons.

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