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Strengthen Your Wrists for Your Jacksonville Cheerleading Performance

Jacksonville cheerleading has come a long way from the days of old where cheerleaders are expected to stand by on the side, and yell cheers. Today, cheerleading has become a very competitive sport which demands a lot of skill from its athletes. Gone are the days where the only muscles that cheerleaders are expected to strengthen are their vocal cords. Cheerleaders are expected to have overall core strength, as well as strong arm and leg muscles.

One of the most overlooked body parts required in cheerleading are the wrists. When cheerleaders execute stunts like tumbling, this can place a lot of stress on the wrists when they land. Many cheerleaders try to limit the strain on their wrists by taping them, but this hinders movement, and over time, causes overdependence on the tape instead of their own wrist strength. As a cheerleader, you should only be using tape if you have an injury. Here are some ways you can exercise your wrists to make them stronger.

Before you execute any type of exercises, even ones for your wrists, it is important that you warm up by stretching. If you jump into the exercises without any prior warm up, you may shock your muscles, which may result in muscle strain. So always stretch before exercising and practicing.

When exercising your wrists, you need to make sure you hit all the wrist motions in order to maximize your wrist exercises. These are: the wrist extension, ulnar deviation, radial deviation, and wrist flexion.

To execute the motions for wrist extension, you have to sit down in front of a table, with a loose fist. This position must be maintained for the rest of the exercises. Lift your hand towards the ceiling without moving your forearm. Then bring down your hand.

For ulnar deviation, with your pinky facing the ceiling, and the side of your forearm on the table, lift your hand towards the ceiling, again without moving your forearm. Bring your arm down, with the thumb facing the floor.

Radial deviation exercise is carried out with your thumb facing the ceiling, and your pinky facing the floor. Without moving your forearm, lift your hand towards the ceiling, still with your thumb facing the ceiling, and them bring it down again.

Wrist flexion can be carried out with your palm facing your ceiling, and the back of your hand facing the floor. Again, life your hand towards the ceiling without moving your forearm, and bring it back down to complete the repetition.

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