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Supporting Your Child’s Decision to be a Jacksonville Cheerleading Athlete

When kids reach a certain age, they usually want to join in on sports or other social recreational activities. Some of those kids might see themselves wanting to join Jacksonville cheerleading. Initially, you might be hesitant at the idea of having your child join cheerleading.

Perhaps you wanted them to join a sport that you yourself participated in when you were their age. Or maybe you simply don’t like the idea of Jacksonville cheerleading in general. No matter your reasons, it’s perfectly normal to not be completely on board with your child’s decision to join cheerleading, and that’s okay. It doesn’t make you any less of a parent.

However, you might find yourself still wanting to be supportive of their decision to be part of a cheerleading team, so you may be wondering how to do that, despite your misgivings about the whole thing. Here are some ways you can still be supportive of your child’s decision to be a cheerleader even if you don’t agree with it.

Remember that this decision had nothing to do with you

Some parents see their child’s decision to be a cheerleader as a flaw on their part as parents. It’s important that you remove this thought from your mind at once. Your child’s decision to become a cheerleader has nothing to do with you, no matter how you feel about it.

This decision is a product of your child wanting to be a part of something, as well as the potential to be something that they can really be passionate about in the future. You may not approve, but you have to learn to respect your child’s decisions, in order to help them build more self-confidence in the future.

They learn more than fancy stunts

You have to understand that Jacksonville cheerleading is much more than just fancy stunts that make you nervous everytime you see a flyer being thrown up twenty feet into the air.

Jacksonville cheerleading gives your child more than just fancy stunting skills. It also gives them the chance to grow as an individual, as well as give them the self-confidence to begin that growth.

Help them with their scheduling and athlete diet

As a parent, you can be there for them by helping them with what they need to balance cheer and school. You might not approve of what they’re doing, but you can always give them a ride to school when they’re running late, or to cheer meets, if they need it.

You can also help them out by planning and preparing nutritionally balanced meals that they can eat and take with them so that they’ll always have the energy that they’ll need for Jacksonville cheerleading practice.

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