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The Cheerleading Tryout Process

Jacksonville cheerleadingThere are a lot of things you need to remember if you want to become a member of a Jacksonville cheerleading team. After all, being a cheerleader is not just about dancing, doing stunts, and counting the rhythm. It’s all about character, really, and how you can keep the spirit of cheerleading alive.

The tryout process differs by teams and by squads. However, there is a medial–the average process for every recreational team in the United States. If you want to become a cheerleader, you have to read on and follow this guide for the tryout process.

A tryout process usually starts with over a hundred girls (can be more or less) with different abilities. Some are good dancers. Others are gymnasts. Many are fliers. Some have the strength and endurance to be a base cheerleader. By a certain period, these girls will be narrowed down to 20 girls. They will be judged based on their dances and stunts, or a routine they have been working on all-season long.

The girls will have to do all of these in front of a panel of judges, though this is usually done in secret. The girls don’t actually know that it was that particular day they were going to be judged. So, every day, they have to come prepared.

After that particular “performance,” the judges will hand over the scorecard to the coach. The coaches will have the final say about who shall make the team, but the final scores from the judges will still make a dent on a cheerleader’s chances. Unofficially, the scorecard will act as the girls’ final “grades” while the coaches determine the intangibles such as behavior, attitude, perseverance, etc.

By the end of the tryout clinic, which usually runs for three days, the potential cheerleaders will be divided into three teams–all-girls, all-boys, and co-eds. While you will not always get into the team you want, being around cheerleaders of all types will allow you to get a feel of what you really want to become and if you’re really up to be a cheerleader.

The tryout process for Jacksonville cheerleading may not always go the way you want it, but it doesn’t mean that you should stop pursuing your dreams. The tryout process was made to be tough because cheerleading is not a joking matter. If you managed to come on top, then you’ve just unlocked a lifelong dream.

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