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The Meaning Behind a Perfect Routine – Through the Eyes of Our Coaches

As competition season begins to wind down with three huge competitions left ahead of us, we are all forced to wonder just what makes up a solid routine. To some, this may mean all 20 athletes tumble, jump, stunt and dance across the mat with absolute precision for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. To others, a solid routine means everything hits and no one touches the floor. Judges may see a perfect routine as one where the difficulty points given are high and the technique points given are even higher. To spectators, a perfect routine may mean one that wins the competition. To opposing teams an amazing routine is intimidating. It looks better, or more difficult than their own. To our athletes an excellent routine may mean it is “hit board worthy” or that it yields zero deductions and is something to be proud of!

However, to our coaches, an amazing routine is a process. It is hours of practice at the gym, clinics, classes, and open gym. It is perfecting small skills and using them to build a favorable outcome. Our routine is something to take pride in, to work hard at day after day, week after week, and month after month all competition season long. They are only a small piece of what makes our athletes stronger. Our routines are made with our girls and guys in mind and are powerful tools to push them from one season to the next through perseverance, hard work, progression and strength.

To us, the hit board, zero deductions, high point values, precision and technique all play a role in the composition of a perfect routine; however it is the athletes that are most important. Is every individual on our team progressing? Are their strengths being highlighted? Are they giving us their all and performing better each and every time they hit the mat? Are they being shaped in to the athletes we know they can become?

While zero deductions and high scores mean a lot to us all on the 10 competition days of the year, it is the other 355 days that really matter the most. So as I sit back reflecting on what has been an extremely successful season for CFA so far, I cannot help but wonder what the rest of our season will bring! While the trophies on the shelf, medals worn proudly and banners on the wall are tangible rewards and wonderful reminders for our efforts and accomplishments, the pride, progress, enjoyment and excitement felt after each performance are what truly matter most.

So the next time you watch your routine being performed out on the mat, ask yourself – What does this routine really mean to me?

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