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The Progressions of Lakeland Tumbling

Part 1
“As an athletes’ view”

Growing up, cheerleading never crossed my mind. It was all about making it to the professional level in baseball, but a few years into high school, unfortunately I lost my full love of the game. It wasn’t until my freshmen year in college that I found a new interest: “Cheerleading”, a world completely different than the sports I had participated in my teenage years.

Other than being physical gifted “built”, I was at the bottom of the pole when it came to tumbling skills, never trying a cartwheel in my life. But seeing girls and guys tumbling and doing standing back tucks motivated me to learn. My eagerness to learn a back tuck allowed me to successfully perform such a skill in a short period of time. I thought it was great that I could do it, but in reality, I had no tumbling background which limited my ability in learning new, advanced skills.
My sophomore year in college I started working at a cheerleading and gymnastics gym in Ohio. It was at that gym when I realized the progression of tumbling was the most important aspect in being a better all-around athlete. While I was happy I had some advanced skills, I was wishing at the same time I had learned all the basics before learning the more advanced skills. If I could do things over, I would go through the progressions of tumbling; front walkover, back walkover, back handspring, etc.

Next week I will be discussing the coaches’ view on the progressions of tumbling and why it is key to have well-rounded athletes in tumbling for the sport of cheerleading. CFA is the leading Lakeland tumbling and tumbling coaching facility and are ready to help you and/or your team advance in tumbling skills. Contact Lakeland’s CFA for tumbling program details.

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