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The Ultimate Guide to Packing for Your Jacksonville Cheerleading Events

Jacksonville cheerleading is a sport that not only requires a lot of physical preparedness, but a lot of mental preparation as well. For a sport that is well known for making stunts and tumbles in the air look as effortless as possible, there is quite a bit of preparation for the cheerleaders involved in order for them to pull this off as well as they do.

In addition to the amount of physical preparation that they have to do, they need to be ready for any problems and issues they might encounter when cheering. This means that they should have everything that they might need on hand. It helps to pack a couple of days ahead to time so you don’t end up having to rush things at last minute. Here is a guide to packing the essentials for cheerleading events.

Hair products/accessories

Make sure that you have everything you need to complete your look during competitions. You never know when you’ll need that extra bobby pin or hair tie to tame a stray lock of hair. Your look is just as important as your performance, so it always helps to be ready in case of any hair emergencies that might come up. Carrying extra hairspray guarantees that everything stays in place so that your overall look is as effortless as your performance.

Snacks and a lot of water

Keep a few healthy snacks in your bag so you never have to worry about being hungry while performing. A lot goes on during competition day, so you might not have the time to hit the snacks table to munch on something before your performance. Keep some on hand so that you don’t end up passing out because of hunger. Don’t forget to keep a lot of water on hand as well, it’s very important to keep yourself hydrated before and after performing.

An extra pair of socks

A good pair of socks is must have for any cheerleader to prevent any discomfort or shoe slip-offs while performing. Keep an extra pair in your bag in case your main pair goes missing, or if a teammate might need it.

A small medicine/first-aid kit

Having a few basic types of medication on hand helps in case of small medical emergencies like headaches or sore throats. Keep a few medical necessities like athletic tape and hot packs on hand in case of muscle related injuries or pains.

It is important to prepare yourself for anything you might encounter on the day of your Jacksonville cheerleading event. Keep the necessities on hand, pack early, and you’ll always be prepared for anything.

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