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The Ultimate Jacksonville Cheerleading Camp Checklist

Jacksonville cheerleading

The summer season is a time for grand vacations, beach parties, lakeside barbecues, sport activities, and of course, Jacksonville cheerleading camp.  Whether your camp will last for a month or a week or a few days, we’re sure you’re excited to be with your co-cheerleaders there. However, you should also remember to pack all the essentials, so that you won’t have to make do with what you have.

Instead of worrying about the things you failed to bring, you can focus on learning and teaching in the camp.

Here is the ultimate checklist for all your cheerleading camp needs:

Cheer bag

Your cheer bag should have the following: sunglasses, sunblock, lip balm, water bottle, snacks, bug spray, notebook and pen, medications, hat, and camera. Of course, all the other essentials like your smartphone and car keys (if you brought your own car) should be there, too. The purpose of the cheer bag is to be able to pick it up in one go whenever you have to go for a hike or a facility far from where you are staying. There’s no need to repack everything because you have it all in your gym bag.

Cheer gear

Your cheer gear is composed of your cheerleading uniform, camp and practice wear, socks and shoes, and sports bras. These are the most essentials out of all your cheerleading things. Without your practice clothes and your sports bras, you won’t be able to try out stunts and routines. All of these will help protect your body from any untoward sprains or illnesses.

Cheer room

You will usually share the cheer room with some other cheerleaders. Before heading to the camp, ask the camp organizer what you should bring for the room. If you have to provide for everything, you’ll most probably need a bedding, a book or a magazine, board games, a portable fan, alarm clock, towels, and other bath essentials.

While it is important to note what you should bring over to a Jacksonville cheerleading camp, it is also vital to leave you with a message: never bring valuables and a bad attitude to a cheer camp. You are there to learn and have fun with your teammates and other cheerleaders. That is not the place to show your bad values and attitude. Learn how to get along with everyone and you’ll surely enjoy it.

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