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Things A Professional Jacksonville Cheerleading Member Needs

Not that we are trying to discourage you, but being a professional cheerleader is not that easy. Performing for the NFL or the NBA in the future needs some serious considerations. This is not like joining your local Jacksonville cheerleading team or your school’s squad.

It is not even like preparing for national competitions. This is the real world and in the real world, expenses are mounting and the compensation is not exactly as lucrative as the job entails.

However, if you dream someday of performing at an NBA or NFL game, the above-mentioned reasons should not stop you. In fact, you should be as determined as ever to reach your goals and prove the misconceptions wrong. Professional cheerleading should be worth the sacrifice if you enjoy what you do.

Dance classes and training

Some girls joined their Jacksonville cheerleading squad in high school, so they receive plenty of free dance training and classes. But some do not have a cheerleading background but took dance lessons that eventually paved the way for them to become part of the NBA or NFL squad.

Dance lessons and training can cost somewhere between $2,000 and $5,000 a year. That does not include the expenses on costumes, travel, gears, and competitions.

Audition and workshop fees

Much like college applications, you also need to pay a hefty audition or workshop fee if you want to get noticed by professional sports teams. The audition fee will depend on the team you are trying out for.

Most unknown teams would require you to pay $25 for the tryouts, but some teams like the Washington Redskins and the Atlanta Falcons reportedly charge from $35 to $40. There’s also a prep class that you can opt for, which will cost around $25 per class to $125 for workshops.

Dancewear and accessories

Depending on the team you are trying out for, they will usually require a very specific dancewear. You cannot simply go to an audition with your practice Jacksonville cheerleading wear. You have to follow the rules, and most rules state for you to wear a bra and shorts with rhinestones and some other kind of flair.

Shorts can cause $30 while the matching top would be somewhere along the line of $60. Leotards and leggings will cost even more. Thankfully, there are DIY options now and you can make use of your creativity to make your own dancewear and gear.

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