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4 Things You Need To Know Before Your Kid Joins A Jacksonville Cheerleading Team

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Allowing your children to join a Jacksonville cheerleading team is a big responsibility to take on. And not only for your children, okay? It’s a big responsibility for you, too. Cheerleading, after all, is a lifestyle and a cheer squad is like a family to you.

If your children become cheerleaders, you will also have to treat the other members of the team as your kids. There will be times you will have to drive for them or you will have to cook dinner or snacks for them. You’ll have to take turns with the other parents to chaperone them to a competition or even to a cheerleading camp.

Here are four things you absolutely need to know before your kid joins a cheerleading squad:

Costs of joining the team

Even before you allow your children to join a cheerleading team, you should ask the heads upfront about how much you should pay them. Ask them about any fees or charges that may come up in the future, so that you will be ready for them when they come. If the fees are too high for you, consider enrolling your kids to a recreational team, instead. Or you can also opt for them to try their hands in a school team. These options would be cheaper, and you will have more time to save for them.

Time commitment

It’s always better to know the schedule of practices and competitions. This will allow you to see if this will fit on top of your kids’ academic commitments. Will your kids still be able to study and join other school activities aside from practicing stunts and routines? Can you still drive your kids to practices and competitions? If possible, ask for a copy of the squad’s calendar, so that you can design your schedule accordingly.

Safety standards

Did the coach undergo safety standard training? Make sure you are comfortable leaving your children to this person. Cheerleading is a dangerous sports and if the coach is more concerned about winning than the safety of the cheerleader, then he might put their safety and security in jeopardy.

Parents’ involvement

Some cheerleading squads require parents to act as chaperones or drivers for the kids. Make sure you have the time for all the responsibilities required from the cheerleaders’ parents. If you don’t have time for it, let the coach knows that you’re allowing your kid to be chaperoned by a friend or another cheerleader’s parents. If you want to be as involved as possible in this Jacksonville cheerleading team, let the coach know, so that he/she would reach out to you.

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